Finney Year 2

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New Finney

The Story:

Once there was a pumpkin bought at Finney's Pumpkinville in Pennsylvania, but someone couldn't bear to cut it open and make a jack-o-lantern out of it, so the pumpkin was put outside where it died and was reborn the next year as a new pumpkin vine and pumpkin. The story repeated itself that next year and the reborn pumpkin was cut from the vine and brought inside as a decoration. Unfortunately, I couldn't bear to cut open the one pumpkin I grew so it also died, but before it completely went, I harvested the seeds and a new pumpkin vine has started to grow in its place. Here is the story of Finney Jr.


Week 1: July 26, 2010: Here is Finney Jr.'s picture from the end of July. We planted a half dozen or so pumpkin seeds from Finney and this is what we have at the end of a very hot July.
Average temperature for the previous week: 93.8