Bigfoot's Letters From NY

Bigfoot up North

Dear Holly,
I was bearly able to contain myself in my VT Bear Bag for the trip to Syracuse so MA and the pilots let me sit in my own seat with a window! I had to wear a seat belt though so I would'nt get hurt. There were some nice other people on the plane and they were very nice to me. Now I am at MA's and getting know her hug of bears - so far they have been very fur-endly and I will be ok here as long as it is not for a long time. It is much colder here than at home and I am glad my furs are thick and my pawse covered by my quillo - I might even get to see some snow too! If I do - may I go out and play? My cousin Blizzard (a very fine VT bear) would watch over me and make sure I do not get fur-ost bite. I hope to be coming home next weekend if my open-fur surgery doesn't have complications - they say I can heal better at home. Until then you can email me at MA's. Thank you for getting me all better,
Love Bigfoot

Dear Holly,
How are you? I am doing fine. I got my new nose today and it didn't hurt much at all - I am a little more "stuffy" though but that is ok. MA also fixed my loose places and my paws so I am already to come home after a couple of days of rest and healing. She said that I was a very good patient and gave me some extra honey tonight. It is VERY cold and windy here and I am very happy to have all of my furs and my quillo. There is a snuggly cat here that helps keep us warm too. I miss you beary much and will be glad to get home.
Love, Bigfoot

Dear Holly,
I am ready to come home now - I feel very good and look pretty good again - I really want my furs cleaned with Bubble Gund now! My North Country cousins are nice but I am looking forward to getting home. At least I will see Bigfoot in PA tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know I am doing ok.

PS I got a medal fur bear-avery for being good during my repairs!