Beary News

Hi all! Bigfoot Bear here! Welcome to another new feature of Bigfoot's Den on the Web, Beary News! Here you will find news articles about teddy bears. You know us bears, we just can't stay out of the spotlight! Feel free to peruse the articles, and e-mail us if you find a dead link.

*Isn't It Funny How a Bear Makes Money, Year After Year?
*It's Clarion's teddy bear love fest
*Teddy Ruxpin Makes His Return
*Boyds Takes Home Plush Company of the Year Honors
*Teddy bear's travels enrich Howell lives
*Tired Teddies Take Bavarian Break
*Zephyrhills Woman's Yard Is A Zoo
*Making Life More Bearable
*For the Love of Teddy Bears
*Stuffed Animals Can Be Soothing
*A Hug Makes You Feel Better

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