Beary Poetry

Be A Friend


Go to sleep my teddy bear
Close your little button eyes
and let me smooth your hair.
It feels so soft and silky that,
I'd love to cuddle down by you.
Go to sleep my darling teddy bear.

Teddy Bear

Someone soft and warm
Someone quiet and understanding.
Always willing to listen,
Always willing to play,
Any time of the day,
Always there,
Teddy bear.
--Judith Robins

My Teddy Bear

He sits upon his pillowed throne,
A joyous smile upon his face.
And though his ears might seem outgrown,
He carries them with pride and grace.

He's never cross or quick to carp
A friend in need he is to me.
When human tongues are mean and sharp,
My teddy gives me sympathy.

To him I always bare my soul.
He lifts me when I'm feeling low.
And when I brag and miss my goal,
He never says, "I told you so."

I love my teddy bear
He's such a friendly fellow,
His fur, beautiful and soft,
is neither brown nor yellow.
He plays but never quarrels with me,
and keeps me gay and jolly,
and I don't have to punish him,
as often as my dolly.

He's such a quiet little chap,
no impish schemes he hatches,
he never barks, he has no fleas,
At least he never scratches.

My friends may titter gleefully
And some may tease, but I don't care
I hope that I will never be,
Too old to love my Teddy Bear.
--Jeffrey S. Forman

Honey Bear

There was a big bear
who lived in a cave.
His greatest love
was honey.
He had twopence a week,
which he never could save,
so he never had any money.
I bought him a money box,
Red and round,
in which to put his money.
He saved and saved
till he got a pound,
then he spent it all,
on honey.
--Elizabeth Lang