The Story of the Teddy Bear

Ted E. Bear

Teddy Bears have been loved by kids and adults since 1907. Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt in 1902 was sent to settle a boundary dispute between Mississippi and Louisana. Roosevelt, while bear hunting, rode into a clearing and saw a bear cub bound to a tree. He lowered his gun and became a favourite topic for news journalists. Morris Mitchtom, a candy store owner, loved the articles and suggested to his wife that they make a toy bear. When the bear had been completed, Michtom mailed the bear to the White House wishing to use the President's name to call his toy "Teddy's Bear." Roosevelt responded with glee. Teddy Bears have remained the most popular stuffed toy of all time. They are loyal and make no demands. They get softer with age. They listen to your joys and sorrows, they don't talk back or scold. Teddy Bears don't tell your secrets or desert you. What more can you ask of a friend?