The Library

Eric's Sorrow

"Stranger than you dreamt it--
Can you even dare to look
or bear to,
think of me?"

Feel free to peruse through Erik's personal collection of classic works by some of his favourite authors.

Phantom of the Opera (a plot summary)

The classic story that started it all. This is the plot to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. A tale of a love triangle between a young singer, Christine Daee, the Viscounte de Chaungy, and Erik, a poor man with a deformately that keeps him from love.

The True Story of the Opera Ghost

This phanfiction takes place as Gaston Leourx is commisssed to write an article for the Opera's anniversary. He goes in thinking that there could not be a more boring assignment, only to find a ghost story lying beneath the exterior of the Opera House. *Updated 7/18/06!*

Music of the Night (a phanfiction)

My phanfiction. This is a collection of thoughts from Christine and Erik's point of view. It follows the same story line of the play, but the audience gets a glimpse of Erik's thoughts and desires.

Girls of the Night (Jekyll and Hyde meets Phantom)

Another phanfiction by me. This story takes place years after Christine has left Phantom and he meets and falls for Lucy, a new young singer who has recently arrived from London and carries a deadly secret with her. *UPDATED! August 1, 2004*